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Static Intimacy

Michelangelo Buonarroti claimed that when he looked at a marble block he already saw the form of the art work, his job was simply to remove the superfluous. With this in mind, each block has a figure inside, and only its soul must be liberated. The statues have their specific form, their body shape, dictated by the sculptor or, as Michelangelo said, dictated by themselves. They are static and soft at the same time. With “Static Intimacy” I want to see beyond the marble wall that covers them. Going inside and deep, to find the soul that Michelangelo could feel. After having carved the stone and after that it is free from the superfluous, the figure begins breathing for the first time. It’s a Platonic condition. It escapes from the cave. We see them in a specific plastic position, that position is nothing else that the first and only movement done by the figure during his first breathing. It’s the way that they use to find space in our space after thousand years in a marble cave. Static and soft in their timid being. They are completely vulnerable to any external agent. I, want to be one of these agents and get to the bottom of the staues in order to find the “intimacy” and to get it out of those thousand Seasons. Finding his own soft moment that is hidden by marble, finding the figure’s authentic character. His own single movement, his own single expression, a mood that would be lost into the marble veins. Static Intimacy.

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