EICMA •  Esposizione Internazionale delle due ruote.

MIlan, Italy.


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This photographic project is my personal view of an incredible piece of craft work. The MV Augusta Superveloce it's what define elegance. It is a work of art without any doubt. Still, after few years (it was made in 2019) it maintains futuristic elements perfectly combine with classic heart in the design and in the engine.

MV Augusta Superveloce-18.jpg
MV Augusta Superveloce-12.jpg
MV Augusta Superveloce-04.jpg
MV Augusta Superveloce-01.jpg
MV Augusta Superveloce-09.jpg
MV Augusta Superveloce-13.jpg
MV Augusta Superveloce-05.jpg
MV Augusta Superveloce-08.jpg
MV Augusta Superveloce