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AION Magazine


The idea of “AION Magazine” was born like other great ideas, out of coincidence. 

Nothing was supposed to happen and nothing was on “schedule”.


I was at the 2021 EICMA in Milan during the Royal Enfield “Project Origin” presentation event. That project and what they have achieved impressed me so much I wanted to celebrate the brand through a photographic project based on the “Project Origin” prototype model. Later on, working on the photos I’ve shot, I started to think at the creation of a magazine... AION Magazine had begun.


“AION Magazine” is an elegant container where I’m feeling comfortable. 

It’s a space where I like to share information about what I love. 

It’s a limitless “media” through which the information can be elegant and incisive.

“AION Magazine” is not just a typical magazine, it’s a project… an ongoing project that can be modified and shaped by any ideas. Culture and knowledge have been lost in the past world’ memories and no-one it seems to remember how information is supposed to be shared. Artificial information, fake information and most of all superficial information are what the world is a slave of today.

That is why with “AION Magazine” I want to go back to real information but with an eye to the future. This “media” itself is to the future; The design is to the future; The way I would love to reach people is into the future; The way I will approach all the information is into the future and yet I’m holding to the roots of the past so that I can relate to the knowledge that our world is losing day after day.


Obviously that doesn’t mean that what I’m going to communicate is from the past but the respect of how the information will be disclosed it will be definitely a heritage of the past.


Motorcycle, Art, Life Style… and more.

| Arsenio M. Navarra Photography |

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